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People Helping People Today, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2002, Winfred Jordan saw the need to help the youth throughout the Metropolitan Area of Atlanta. Using basketball as a conduit, People Helping People Today, Inc., has an Academic Tutorial, Life Skills Building Program, SAT and ACT Tutoring, Violence Prevention Program, Mentoring and Community Awareness Activities. In 2007, Winfred Jordan, formerly an Atlanta Celtic Foot Soldier for 11 seasons, created Georgia Pony Xpress which later became Atlanta Xpress. In 2009, The Atlanta Xpress Spring and Summer AAU Basketball Program became the First Grass Root Program in the United States to be sponsored by Under Armour Sports & Apparel Company. Winfred began the program with one age group and today Atlanta Xpress has age groups 9-17. Winfred has coached many talented players such as: University of Georgia’s Anthony Edwards, Georgia Tech and (University of Maryland) Robert Carter Jr., Wake Forest Doral Moore Jr., University of Clemson Chase Hunter, Florida State's Chris Singleton, LSU's Dennis Harris and Delwan Graham, Winthrop University's Gideon Gamble, UNC Charlotte's Anjuan Wilderness, Florida State's Pierre Jordan, Florida State’s Ian Miller and Northwestern’s Jershon Cobb. A disproportionate number of young African American men aspire to be a baller or a rapper. This myopic focus on sports by our young people is exacerbated by a false sense of reality, played out daily on radio and other media outlets. Mainstream graphic designers, realtors are glamorized in the same way the media profiles celebrities. Many of our youth do not aspire to become entrepreneurs, screenwriters, teachers or engineers because these professionals are not celebrated or perceived in the same way. The percentage of athletes that make it to the professional level is quite small as compared to the number of youths that finish college and evolve into mainstream careers. Many of our kids have great academic and athletic potential that goes unnoticed. Many have the athletic ability to play at the Division 1 level, but do not have the academic acumen to gain admissions. Graduation rates of college basketball players in the SEC and ACC pale in comparison to non-student athletes. In 2007, the University of Georgia ranked last in SEC for their basketball graduation rates; African American student athletes percentage showed the highest. Our program will highlight the importance of education and paint a more realistic picture about the college experience as a student athlete. We will emphasize to our young people that sports are only one facet of their lives. Our goal is to assist them in recognizing their many talents as they fulfill their potential in the classroom and in the community.


People Helping People Today, Inc. is currently building its Board of Directors. We currently have individuals responsible for managing People Helping People Today, Inc assets, allocating resources and facilitating the organizations board objectives.

For more information, please contact:

Winfred Jordan Executive Director

People Helping People Today, Inc.

2499 Old Orchard Court, Dunwoody, Georgia 30338

(404) 488-2063

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